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About the Author

Rosa Sophia spent the first twenty-three years of her life in Telford, Pennsylvania, watching the crick rise whenever it rained, and watching the water dry up whenever it didn’t.

Ever since childhood, she has been fascinated with cars and their inner workings.  She grew up endeavoring to be just like her mother, who worked in auto-parts for twenty-some years.  Her childhood hobby was building model cars, and her adult obsession is restoring real ones.

She has numerous “dream cars,” but Number One on the list is a 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda.  She won’t drive anything newer than a 1995, and is convinced that car companies in general are “out to get her.”

Rosa edits for Pagan Writers Press, and is the Editor for Oaklight Publishing.  Since high school, she has worked for small publications, including Wild River Review.  Rosa is currently living in South Florida and holds an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology from Lincoln College. She was a member of the short-lived Lincoln Race Team, and also holds a certificate in Schematic Based Electrical Diagnosis.

She has written two Mystery novels, Taking 1960 and Check Out Time, which are both available from Oaklight Publishing,, and the Barnes and Noble website.  Please visit her author site for more information.

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