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There’s just something about it.

October 5, 2011

I’ve had an awful couple of days.  No point going into it here.  But I started a new class the other day– Transmissions –and I am loving it so far.  This was the reason I went into automotive.  The main driving force behind my decision (no pun intended) was transmissions.  Dad was going to show me how to rebuild them, but I moved away, and then the accident happened.  I wish he could see how far I have come.  I know he is proud of me anyway, but I wish he could see it.

This evening, we broke up into two teams and dropped the transmissions from a Ford Ranger and a PT Cruiser.  I don’t think I have to mention that I gravitated to the truck– I have too many negative things to say about PT Cruisers.

Side-note: What is this recent obsession with making everything “retro”? If you want a car that looks like a classic, get a classic! Don’t design a new and so-called “improved” vehicle that sort of looks like it might be a classic.  I mean, come on.  It’s like buying a pair of pre-faded jeans.  For crying out loud, either get regular jeans and work like a normal person until you have holes or fading on your regular jeans, or . . . I don’t know, don’t wear pants.  Or, buy a car that really is a classic, or don’t, and instead buy a PT Cruiser, which is (no offense to Cruiser owners) a POS.  Old cars were awesome.  This is not awesome:

I admit that I may have gotten carried away in my attempt at comparing PT Cruisers with pre-faded jeans.  I digress.

Prior to attending school, I have seen disassembled clutches only in junk yards.  The way they work is quite fascinating, and I will write more about it later on.

As I said, today and yesterday were both depressing and grueling, for personal reasons.  I cannot explain it, but for some reason, when I am looking at the underside of a car, or tinkering with the engine, or messing around with anything car-related, every ounce of depression just dissipates quietly, and I’m left with this ear-to-ear grin on my face.  I felt so much better after class tonight.  Doing this kind of work just makes me happy.

A few years ago, somebody said to me, “You’re a writer.  Shouldn’t you just do that? Why would you want to be a mechanic?”

My response: Where’s the fun in that? If you don’t enjoy life and gather experiences, what in the world are you going to write about?

Now, this is a car.  Compare with the above picture.  Which would you rather have? An oldschool Woodie, or a PT Cruiser and a pair of pre-faded Levis?

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