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“Stop!” The importance of the braking system.

December 9, 2010

You’re coming up to a red light.  You’re in the left turning lane to get onto route 95, and you’re already on a busy four-lane road.  You hit the brakes, and you feel something give.  And you slide past the white line, cringe when you see the railroad tracks up ahead, and somehow manage to stop before you reach them.

This is what happened to me the other day.  I’m told that a brake line really can last “forever” (whatever that means as compared to the life of the car), but if something wears out, you’re screwed.  Or– almost.

I was lucky that I was okay.  The brake line is fed through a hole, over to the feeding line, calipers, and brake pad, etc, and mine wore down on the right side.  My right tire was covered in brake fluid.  The brake line itself had been rubbing against the metal edge of the hole, causing a–well, a break in the brake line.  When my friend and I tested it to see how bad it was, the fluid squirted straight across, clean away from the car.  Lucky, indeed!

I have to replace the brake line before I start school in January.  Instead of being someone with just a hobby, I’ll be going to college for my certification in Automotive, and possibly a degree in Automotive Business Management.

Of course, before then, I’ll need to be able to stop at traffic lights.

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